Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I never thought I'd hear myself saying THAT!

Parents ALL find themselves saying the most obscure things out loud.
But parents of autistic children (of which I am one of those parents) They say the down right shocking and Insane things out loud! sometimes they are lucky to be at home when they say them, but sometimes they are out and about in 'public' when they realize 'what have i just said?'

Here is a list of some of the most crazy, shocking, hilarious things I have found myself saying out loud.

1- Who has eaten the new soap?

2- Why is there a Hippo in my shoe?

3- No! that is not your uncle, Its just a strange man with a beard, Get off his head!

4- Thomas the tank engine does not like it if you put your penis in his funnel!

5- Why Oh Why are you eating the wall?

6- Is that pooh or chocolate?.........Damn! I shouldn't have tasted it to check!

7-  Please don't rub your private parts on grandmas lap!

8- Why do you eat mud and sand, but refuse to eat fruit?

9- It's the hottest day of the year, Why are you wearing wellies and a hat?

10- Please get up off the floor, I'm sorry you are not allowed to eat mommy's lipstick!

11- No. roller skates on the trampoline is NOT a good idea!

12- We wear clothes on the trampoline in the garden. Yes, even underpants!

13- It's the middle of the night, Why are you being a teenage mutant ninja turtle?

14- Sure! you can have your dinner on 6 different plates, as long as you eat!

15- where has all the toilet roll gone? ......... Oh you wanted to be a mummy? that's nice, could you spare some arm bandage so can go to the toilet?

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