Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hey you! yeah you. keep your ignorant insults to yourself !!

When a mother and her severely autistic non verbal son go to the supermarket together to buy some household essentials, they DO NOT appreciate the horrible and offensive comments of total strangers!
So my son was 'acting out'.
So he was making loud noises.
So he was taking solace on the comfortable cold floor.
He was not! hurting you, himself, or anybody!
He was just expressing his current frame of disappointment, because they had no pink doughnuts on the freshly baked goods shelf! What?

But you. You self righteous opinionated bully! You thought the best thing to do would be to is to grunt and huff and say how disgusted you were. (in a volume so you knew you would be heard by others)
Well? You appear to me to be the type of person that needed more hugs as a child, but you didn't get them and you have forever spent your life spiting the world for your own insecurities.
If I was there with my wife and son I would have let you know just how inappropriate your attitude was! We live in an open world here, and differences are everywhere! It's selfish spite and hate in the people who see themselves as 'normal' that is whats wrong in the world. Take time to think, question and then, make an opinion!

My wife was hurt, upset and annoyed, by the words of this person.
My son was hurt, upset and annoyed by the fact they had no pink doughnuts.
My wife did not take it upon herself to loudly verbalize her disgust of the supermarket for not behaving in a 'normal' way for not having a fully stocked shelf.
But you took it upon yourself to loudly verbalize your disgust of my child's actions?
So ask yourself. Who was the person acting 'out of public decency?'

If you see or hear this happening when you are out and about, and you think that the parents of a challenging child, then feel free to jump in and say to the horrible people saying horrible things, 'Hey I think that's out of order, Can't you see they are looking after their child, they are doing a good job. And your words are just poison!'
These people need to understand that their opinions are worthless poison to the world!

On the other hand. If you are the parent of a child acting out, and you hear these offensive verbalization from the horrible people, then just ignore them or turn around, look at them in the eye and say 'What? Do you hate children? is that it? should I call the police because you are stupid?' (this I have used before, and it was fun to see them shrink away like a slug on salt)

Autism needs a voice. It needs understanding, and it needs accepting!

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