Monday, 20 October 2014

Wow. I can't believe what my son did today.

Having children on the autism spectrum, makes you see thing in a different way to others. 
My youngest son 'severe autism, non verbal' has taught  me to see improvements on a microscopic level, and still be as enthused as any other parent who sees there child who pass exams. 

Why, the other day I was doing the ironing. And Aiden was watching me and getting excited at what I was doing. I thought he was excited to see his uniform and he thought he was going to school, this was a cute interaction. 
But he next day he went into the kitchen, picked up the iron (with a sense of joy and pride in himself) then he went over to the pile of clothes on the chair in the dining room, and proceeded to straighten them out and push the iron backwards and forewards over the clothes. Then standing back to admire his work. Then in a moment of true love, he kisses the iron as it is his tool of perfection. (Thank god it was a cordless iron and wasn't on)

And another recent development I noticed (or should I say, noticed, and then told everybody I know)
I came home from work at 5 ish. Mommy said to me 'they have had there tea. But Aiden is not eating!' So I say 'come on Aiden, let's eat dinner' he looks at me, smiles,walks up to the table, picks up his plate, looks at me, walks to the kitchen, looks at me, the he tips his plate of dinner into the bin. 
Am I angry? Upset? Dissapointed?
I am SOOOO  proud of my son for doing the right thing with leftover food (yes I know, it wasn't exactly left over) 
And then he led my hand to the bread to make him some toast instead!

Never underestimate the power of non verbal communication. 

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