Sunday, 6 March 2016

I'm not a perfect parent, But I try, really really hard

I am not a perfect parent. But I try, really really hard!
Having 3 children. 2 of them on the ASD spectrum, and at different ends to each other.
I sometimes overlook Connors specific signs of a 'meltdown' coming, because Aiden is a far bigger presence in our house!
Connor can be spoken to and respond. But sometimes I forget that he also can't fully control the anxieties building up inside him!
Today is a perfect example.
We were trying to do his math homework. But we couldn't even get to the table... A fight broke out between me and him. He went on raging about random stuff! and I was there 'demanding' he sit and do his work.
I saw this was going in a bad direction, and sent him off to do his calm down techniques... this was not working either!
So I tried the distraction technique - jokes and tickles. Yes he laughed and smiled, but the rage inside him was still there.
We both lay on the floor at the bottom of the steps, heads together. I was just trying to bring his emotions down to a calm level. He was just trying to tell me how 'angry inside' he was feeling. And when we got to the point of civil conversation, I suggested we go do the math homework.......... BANG! he's off again. Deep pressure hugs from me this time. He turned and said 'I'm going to my room' OK I said, but not to play! NO he said, I just want to relax.
So up he went. within a few minutes Mommy went into his room. He was fast asleep (he hasn't had an afternoon nap for years)
Damn! He was so exhausted by his own emotions that he just shut down! (insert major parent guilt)
After an hour he came downstairs, blurry eyed but happy. Gave us all a love and talked about stuff. We sat down. Did the homework, And the rest of the day has been lovely!
So. Yeah. I need to work a bit more on my parenting. And will for as long as I need to. and then some more.