Thursday, 20 November 2014

The dreaded IEP meeting.

Today was Aidens IEP meeting at his school, As I was at work today, my wife had to take this challenge on all by herself <3
Here is 'In her words' how it went.

Mommy's report.

Today was Aiden's IEP meeting,  normally such things would be looked forward to, waiting to hear about Aidens areas of improvement and just what he would be working towards over the next few months.  This one was approached with a complete feeling of ' Oh crap ' from myself as he'd been well behaving like a mini beast over the past couple of weeks and their were areas of his behavior that needed to be addressed! Erghhhhhh.  It all went really well actually, feeling totally relieved now,   he is using his visual queue cards well,  ( OK well only the cards that show what food he wants ) But his using the cards and that's great from my point of view.  He needs to work on his ability to wait for the food to be produced as he is using the cards quite impatiently.  But patience has never being his strong point,  nor is easy for any child with autism.  I had to smile as they described just what a clever soul he is at heart as they described how out the class he is the only who manages to work out where they have hidden the keys to the cupboards and then sneak out all the hidden goodies from just anywhere they hide them.  They also were really pleased when I explained that his strange version of sneaking up behind you and resting his chin on the back of your head, and then rubbing your hair, was his version of affection and a kiss.  His teacher was really pleased with this as he only does it to two people and she was one of them.  She was a little shocked as she thought her hair was boring compared to some of the others there.  So her realising its not about the hair, its about the love, really made her day.  I guess all is forgiven, well at least for a week or so!

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