Wednesday, 5 November 2014

They don't give you a guide book for this!

When you start a family, everybody is full of advice and opinions. But the one thing they don't prepare you for is if your child is 'different'
In my case case it's that my second and third children have been diagnosed with AUTISM, they have a different diagnosis to each other, one is high functioning, the other is severe non verbal!
But this I say as a relative expert on the subject as I have done everything i can to research and study and live with these diagnosis!
The people who were there at the beginning with words of wisdom have now shrunk away and look to me as an 'icon' of wisdom? (why? because me and my wife have just accepted what we have, and have made the best of ours and our children's life x)

Everything we were told from the beginning has been banked in our memory banks, and occasionally used for 'real life' but the rest we have had to make up ourselves. These people and their advise has not been a bad thing, they meant well, and from the most honest part of the heart.

But to function as a parent to an autistic child!!! well that comes with no map, no plan, and no rule book!
We have to make this up as we go. and we also need to record our lives, as others need a reference point to judge their own life! and we need to feed from other parents for their advice, and suggestions.

Search the dictionary and 'autism' has 3 lines of definition???    What a joke! It needs at least 379 pages with room for expansion!

I don't even think that I could write a 'complete guide to autism' to help others, as I can only talk about my own personal experiences. and my story is not the same as the next person.
All I can do is share my life, and hopefully help one person to recognize and accept.

If I saw a book on the shelf titled 'Autism A-Z everything you need to know' I would just laugh and pass that by as a fiction novel!
Life and living with autism, or somebody with autism is the only true way to understand the differences and delicate way of coping with everyday mundane tasks.

But I do wish there was a more globally acceptance of the diagnosis as some see it as a 'stigma' or 'curse' or 'disease'  And it would be better for the people directly affected by autism for those around them to understand, and sympathize.

As a parent to autistic children, My heart and love goes out to EVERYBODY out there who are going through similar circumstances to me and my family xx

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