Saturday, 13 December 2014

Things my two sons autism has taught me. top 20

Throughout my time as a dad to two autistic boys, both on different ends of the spectrum from each other. I have learned many things I never even thought about in my life. Some of these things are throw away lessons, others will stay with me through life. Food ranks highly in this list, and the small things are sometimes more important than the big things.
So here is a list of some of the things that my boys have taught me. :)

1 - Yellow Skittles are evil. And should be disposed of in the most dramatic of fashions (throwing them very far away seems to work)

2 - If the blankets aren't straight they wont be good enough to sleep on!

3 - If one light is turned on the house, then every over light shall be turned on as well (this also works in reverse, if one gets turned off, they all do)

4 - Starting a play tickle fight 10 mins before bed time is a BAD idea, and nobody will settle in their routine (but I'm a fun dad and this is sometimes beyond my own restraint lol)

5 - Couscous is a suitable breakfast, followed by jelly and six packs of prawn cocktail flavor crisps (who wouldn't go to school after that ready to learn and develop)

6 - Washing up bubbles feel great in your mouth (not my mouth)

7 - Communication is more than words (as Aidens nursery teacher said 'He has taught us to listen and share with our hearts)

8 - If in doubt? ask Connor, if he has an answer it is mostly correct.

9 - Catalogs make for fine reading (far superior to novels, or poems)

10 - the biological nature of eating a big meal does not affect my boys the way it does everybody else. Where we may need some time for a meal to digest, they are more than happy to spin, run and jump on a trampoline directly after a meal (sometimes whilst still chewing)

11 - sleep is for the lazy and weak.

12 - Cuteness and charm can and will get you out of many a sticky situation.

13 - Sitting in mud, sand, chalk, yogurt is all fine, But a spot of gravy or a crumb of bread on the plate where it is too near another food item BAD, very bad, run and scream bad, new dinner bad!

14 - It's not a 'mess' it is methodical placing of toys, cushions, and crockery.

15 - Changing agreed plans is bad, and should be dealt with in the ways of a high court. Fines are usually issued to the contract breakers.

16 - Be open to any and all people you meet, for the sooner they realize the boys are  running off a different program to us, the sooner they accept and embrace these quirks.

17 - The ability to be a permanent and never ending supplier of answers and amused responses. (you may have to laugh at one joke 42 times in a row, hey! they made a joke, this is big)

18 - Coffee is for adults for a reason!!!

19 - Never! watch a movie they have already seen before you (if you wanted to watch it for your own joy)

20 - Grow a beard! There's never any shaving foam left anyway!

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