Monday, 16 February 2015

Hey Dad's. Don't Give up!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

I am a dad to 3 Children, and 2 of them are my boys who are on the autistic spectrum!
They are both on different ends of the spectrum (Connor is high functioning and Aiden is severe non-verbal)

I feel very sad when i see posts from families saying that dad's don't 'stick around'???
I mean what the absolute FFFF?
Some 'men?' are not meant to be parents! and they need to control there hormones when it comes to women! (they know who they are!)
But...........even if it is planned or an accident, Becoming a father is the greatest feeling in the world!
That feeling you get when you know that 'you are now a dad' is the biggest ego boost anybody can have.

But yet! I see and hear that men (cowards) run away from this, Because the child they made doesn't fit their requirements! I know, you were planning to 'play ball, build a car, be best buds and chase the lady's' But sometimes it doesn't go the way you thought.
That is no excuse to pack up and leave! Even if your child is 'not normal' (eaurgh, I vomit in my mouth when i type this!) I mean seriously! that is your own flesh and blood! You have a responsibility to make and create the best out of them that you can.
And running away! well that that's just pathetic!!

You will miss out on the best feelings in the world. And you will never get the satisfaction of having being there!

I have been there since day 1 with my kids. And I would never ever change that for anything!
Even when I am woken up at 4am to the sounds of 'mmmnnaaahhh' and when I have to stand over my son in the middle of town to stop him from rolling onto the road! Because what they give me and what I give them is a feeling that money can't buy.
The small steps, or Giant leaps they make, I can see my influence in there (no matter how small) And that feeling cannot be bought or faked!

And on the plus side..........When else is it acceptable to eat ice cream for breakfast? if not to get some fruit into your child?

The battles we have, the journey we take, there is no comparison to the joys we encounter!
So......Man up! and just deal! because if you don't. You will never know how powerful a 'hug' or 'kiss' can be!

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