Friday, 12 September 2014

Autism and the evolution of housework phrases.

As a parent raising autistic children my life has changed and so has my view on certain things.
Here is a list of autism parent views on housework.

1. Hey that's nice and clean.

2. I'll pick that up in a minute

3. That can wait till after dinner.

4. Where did all that come from?

5. Get the bin bag!

6. I'll face that in the morning

7. Wheres the bleach?

8. Nope, we'll just have to buy a new one.

9. Your turn, I did it last.

10. I only just cleaned that 2 minutes ago!

11. Who left the soap powder on the low shelf?

12. What is that?    No don't tell me I'd rather not know.

13. This is a two man job

14. Please don't move, touch anything, breathe, we've got guests coming in 5 minutes........crap! you moved!

15. Lets just move to a new house.

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